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Order with Cardano (ADA)

Order with Cardano

We’re very excited to announce that starting immediately, you can order all Old West Hemp Co products directly using Cardano. We’ve been following the evolution of cryptocurrency closely, and believe that Cardano is a First Class payment solution that embodies many values with which we are aligned. Cardano’s native currency (ADA) has low fees, and the blockchain’s settlement speed is outstanding. Environmentally, Cardano is a responsible choice as it uses 6 million times less energy than Proof of Work blockchains. For those reasons and more, we’re excited to add Cardano as our first accepted cryptocurrency.

A bit about us: We’re a small family farm based in rural WA – Since 2019 we’ve been state licensed hemp producers, and CBD product manufacturers. We grow with all natural methods – no pesticides or herbicides, and utilize living soil methods of growing. We have a full line of CBD tinctures, as well as topicals such as our Restorative Lotion and Therapeutic Salve (highly recommended for athletes). We also make the world’s best CBD prerolls, and tea blends! And we even make specially formulated tinctures for both Large pets and Small pets.

Old West Hemp Tinctures
Old West Hemp
Old West Hemp Co is your reliable source for CBD products

All Old West Hemp products receive third party laboratory certification, and lab results can always be found on our website here. We ship within the United States via USPS and all products come with certified letter and lab results. All orders typically ship within 24 hours. If you’re a Cardano community member, do be sure to reach out on Twitter or Instagram and say hi!

Customers wishing to pay with ADA can do so by selecting the “NOWPayments” option during checkout. To celebrate our integration with the Cardano community, enjoy 10% off all orders when you use the coupon code “Cardano” on checkout! We plan to keep this coupon code active, so come on back for your CBD needs anytime!

If you’re a store owner and want to carry our products, we also offer wholesale pricing and are happy to keep your store well stocked, just reach out to

LEGAL: The FDA has not evaluated claims regarding any products sold through this website. Old West Hemp Co products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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New wellness product may aid athletes with training goals

Our latest formulation, a blended CBG + CBD salve, created in partnership with Synaptix CBD,is an innovation in wellness which provides the best of both CBD and CBG – broad spectrum treatment of effective, non-psychoactive cannabinoids, and multiple anti-inflammatories in one easy to use topical!

You’ve probably heard of CBD, but what is CBG? Cannabigerol, or “CBG” has been increasing in popularity amongst natural wellness practitioners and cannabinoid scientists. Dubbed “the mother of all cannabinoids”, CBG is one of the first cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. CBG frequently develops into CBD or THC, depending on the individual genetics of the plant, but breeders and geneticists have begun finding innovative ways of isolating the cannabinoid for topical and oral use. If you’d like to learn more about CBG, we have a more lengthy article on CBG here.

Muscle recovery – An increasing number of our users are serious athletes. Many train high intensity contact sports like jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts. These practices can be hard on a body, especially when it comes to muscle recovery. More athletes are discovering the anti-inflammatory benefits of products like our therapeutic salve. Reducing inflammation tends to dramatically reduce associated pain, thereby reducing recovery time and helping our users achieve training goals.

CBD may aid athletes with muscle recovery

Joint pain – One of our customers is a long distance endurance runner, competing in multiple ultramarathons every year. This activity causes massive stress on his joints. After using our salve, he has found reduced inflammation in and around his joints, and as a result, is able to recover faster and push his limits. A 2016 study, published in the European Journal of Pain, found that the application of CBD significantly reduced joint swelling in rats. The study concluded that topical CBD offers therapeutic potential for pain-related inflammation.

Our topical salve is a favorite with long distance runners!

Anti-proliferation – While the FDA and other US based entities have not concluded research on CBG, some international studies have been conducted and may be worthy of consideration. A 2014 study conducted on mice indicated very promising results in CBG’s anti-proliferation qualities. What does that mean in layman terms? CBG may be effective at inhibiting tumors. Click here to read the 2014 study! We’d like to emphasize that we are not making any health claims in this regard, and you should consult with your healthcare professional about any and all cancer related treatments.

We invite you to try both our therapeutic CBD salve, as well as our new CBG + CBD salve. Whether you’re an athlete, or suffer from a chronic issue for which you’d like to try our products, we’re happy to help!

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

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Our FIRST EVER sponsored athlete: Jorge “El Toro” Juarez!

Jorge El Toro Juarez - UFC

Old West Hemp is proud to announce our very first sponsored athlete, professional MMA Fighter Jorge “El Toro” Juarez! Top level athletes like Jorge are becoming a HUGE part of our business as they discover the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD for muscle and joint recovery. Our 500mg Therapeutic Salve is becoming a favorite among personal trainers, fighters, runners, and athletes of all stripes for treating bruises, joint pain, and general inflammation.

El Toro is set to battle Edwin Cooper Jr. at LFA #94, live via UFC Fight Pass.
Use code “ELTORO” for 10% off all orders at

Jorge “El Toro” Juarez‘ professional fight record is 2 – 0 – 0

We got to ask Jorge a few questions below:

How long have you been fighting?

Jorge: I’ve been fighting/training for about 5/6 years. Wrestling 4 years in highschool where I collected 2 Washington state championships .

How would you define your fighting style, and how has it developed over time?

Jorge: I like to stand and throw hands haha but if I have to go to the ground no doubt I’m confident there.

Where should fans follow you?

Jorge: Fans can follow me on Instagram at @eltoro145mma

Who would you like to shout out?

Jorge: I’d like to give a shoutout to Juarez Valley Meat Packing, Old West Hemp, Compex, Virus, Sigue, Famous Ollies Tattoo Studio. If I missed any you know who you are! Thanks for the support!

Are you ready to win on the 30th?

Jorge: I’m ready! This is a big opportunity to showcase my skills on UFC fight pass! I’m coming to take over this place and the take over starts on the October 30th when I hand this guy a nice NAP!??

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What is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant which is gaining a lot of interest in 2020! CBG is the non-acidic form of cannabigerolic acid (CBG-A), which is the ‘parent’ cannabinoid in cannabis, from which the other cannabinoids are derived.  Unfortunately, because of this, CBG is not present in any great amounts in most stains of cannabis or hemp as it is used by the plant in the formation of the other cannabinoids; most notably THC, CBD, and CBC. 

CBG is similar to CBD in that they are both not psychoactive, which means they are non-intoxicating and don’t alter one’s state of mind in a manner that would inhibit daily function or mental clarity; however,  they are known to relieve depression, anxiety and stress, and as such may improve one’s state of mind as a result. At this time scientific studies and clinical trials involving CBG are very limited.  

What we do know about CBG:

  • CBG interacts with the mammalian endocannabinoid system and activates the CB1 receptors in a manner analogous to CBD
  • CBG is a GABA reuptake inhibitor
  • CBG has anti-inflammatory properties
  • CBG has neuroprotective properties
  • CBG has anti-bacterial properties
  • CBG is an anti-proliferant

All of this bodes well for the future for CBG and its ability to act on specific conditions.  Some early evidence highlights the following:

  • Like THC, CBG has been found to be effective in treating glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure, without the psychotropic effects of THC; CBD does not appear to have this same property.
  • Like CBD, CBG may be effective in counteracting the intoxicating effects of THC, as it activates the CB1 receptors in the brain.
  • CBG has been found to decrease inflammation characteristic of inflammatory bowel disease and colitis. Inflammation appears to be a major target for a number of the cannabinoids.
  • CBG has shown great promise as an antiproliferant, blocking receptors that cause cancer cell growth. In one study of note it was shown to inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer cells.
  • CBG has demonstrated anti-bacterial properties, most specifically against some drug resistant strains of staphylococcus.
  • CBG appears to be an appetite stimulant that might be beneficial in treating cachexia, a muscle wasting and weight loss disorder in late stage cancer and other diseases.  Note that other cannabinoids such as THCV, are appetite suppressants and this highlights that the entourage effect, which is touted by many in relation to cannabis and its medicinal benefits, can be counter productive, with one cannabinoid offsetting other’s benefits.
  • In a test of a group of cannabinoids, CBG tested best at inhibiting muscle contractions associated with bladder disorders.
  • As a GABA reuptake inhibitor, CBG may lead to muscle relaxation, relieving tension and providing a sensation of calm in the brain and body.  This decreased anxiety is a highly sought-after benefit attributed to some other cannabinoids.
  • CBG’s neuroprotective properties may help in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s Disease normalizing the expression of abnormal genes linked to brain degeneration.
  • Topically, it has shown benefits as a therapy for psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders.

In short, if even a few of these promising benefits prove out, CBG will be an extremely valuable cannabinoid and could rival or surpass CBD.  This is further helped by the fact that in the past 2 years efforts to develop high CBG strains of hemp have been quite successful and we are now seeing a range of finished products containing high levels of CBG, becoming available.   

We have launched our flagship CBG product, the Formulae Benedictae from Old West Hemp! You can order it right here, and reach out for wholesale inquiries!

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Old West Hemp announces partnership with Synaptix CBD

April 3rd, 2020

Old West Hemp Co, a Washington based licensed Producer/Processor, is proud to announce it has entered into a formal partnership with Synaptix CBD in order to bring high quality formulated CBD products to the US marketplace. Founded in 2018 in British Columbia by PhD Chemist Rupert Holmes-Smith and his business partner Joel Spisak, Synaptix has developed a line of high quality CBD tinctures, topicals, and vape juices, which are now available for sale to the US public at

“We’re extremely excited to be working with the Synaptix team. Our first step is bringing their great products to market, and we’ve got a lot more fun stuff lined up. Their team is also bringing a lot of great resources to our farm operation at Old West Hemp, and over the last 60 days we’ve put together a full lab – The synergy between the two efforts is really incredible, and they have been a pleasure to work with” said Chris Gromek, founder and president of Old West Hemp.

The initial Synaptix product line includes a suite of THC free formulations including 1000mg CBD tinctures with both AM and PM terpene formulations, as well as an extra strength 2000mg variety. “We are also excited to provide formulations for our four-legged friends – CBD tinctures for both small and large pets,” said Holmes-Smith. “We’re also bringing to market some really remarkable topical products – Synaptix Topical Salve and Restorative creams, which are extremely popular. While US law prevents us from really disclosing all of the health benefits of cannabinoid products, we are confident consumers will be very pleased, and that we are exactly what they are looking for.”

Synaptix products are available for online retail, as well as for wholesale distribution. “We are fully prepared to fill wholesale order requests, and we are excited to get these products to store shelves across the country,” said Gromek, “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you – Just fill out a wholesale request form on our website, email us at or reach out to us on our dedicated sales and support line at (509) 846-3096 and we’ll take care of the rest.”

You can find Synaptix CBD products at both and  Old West Hemp “Powered by Synaptix” products are available for purchase beginning April 8th.

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Recycle Your Christmas Tree for Biochar!

Rather than send your Christmas tree to the dump this year, consider burning it instead! Why? You can use it as a supreme soil amendment – Biochar!

What is Biochar?

Biochar is basically burned, or charred organic material. Plants need light + three things to thrive – Nutrients, water, and micro organisms. Biochar is excellent for absorbing nutrients from the soil, thus making it more bioavailable for your plants. Biochar also does a great job of capturing moisture, and creates a perfect environment, a “luxury condominium” for micro organisms. This translates to richer soil and greater crop yields.

Humans have been using biochar for millennia, though the practice has fallen out of favor with the advent of industrial farming. It is thought that ancient Amazonian civilizations used a form of biochar, “Terra Preta” as the foundation of vast agricultural operations.

When burning for biochar, the goal isn’t to reduce the material to total ash, but simply to bake it to a nice crispy black charcoal. Ideally that char is then ground up to increase it’s surface area, and then seasoned – much the same as you might season a compost pile. Seasoned biochar teems with all the best sorts of life you’ll need to grow great plants!

At Old West Hemp, we’re actively building soil using Biochar, grass-fed cow manure, worm castings, and other natural soil ingredients. This is a perfect complement to our pesticide-free field, and a truly ideal growing environment for our all natural Hemp flower. And as the holiday season winds up, we’ll be chopping up and burning our Christmas tree to add to our ever growing Biochar pile!

Note: Before you start a burn, make sure to contact your local fire department to make sure no burn bans are in effect, and be careful to burn in an open area, on a day with little to no wind!

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Dollar Pre Rolls and the Art of Perception

Perception IS EVERYTHING! It’s been proven that wine tastes better when it comes in a heavier bottle. Beer from a bottle tastes better than beer from a can. Why? Because value is subjective, and humans often ascribe more value to things that they pay more for. This is an important phenomenon one that is not lost on marketers and salesmen. This phenomenon has taken hold of the CBD industry, and has created powerful incentives for business owners, manufacturers, and growers (basically the whole industry) to keep prices high.

Of course, after we announced our special Wholesale prices of $1.00 CBD Flower Pre Rolls last week, our Facebook feed LIT UP with posts from other Pre Roll manufacturers attempting to justify their own absurdly high pricing. Some of these folks are wholesaling Pre Rolls for $5, $6, $10 or more. That’s fine for retail, but basically criminal for wholesalers. It’s safe to say we ruffled some feathers.

A few recurring themes:

“There’s no way that’s 100% CBD flower!” – Wrong. Our Pre Rolls are 100% CBD flower. Aromatic, fluffy, compliant, dank, and most likely smoke better than what you currently have in stock.

“You get what you pay for!” – Dumb. The internet is full of meaningless truisms like this. Sometimes you pay too much for a bad product. Sometimes you pay very little for a great product – That’s the point of the market – Some suppliers are simply more competitive.

“Must be ditch weed.” – Wrong. Growing great bud is not easy, but its also not rocket science. America currently has a MASSIVE oversupply of Hemp flower – American farmers grew more smokeable CBD flower in 2019 than has ever existed before. The reality is that many CBD wholesalers aren’t efficient enough to offer our prices. We are strong enough to offer a lower price point, so we do.

But How?

1) We are seasoned. It takes our team a couple hours to properly grind, roll, and vacuum seal a pound of Pre Rolls. We’re done with your order while most other wholesalers are still putting their shoes on. Why are we so efficient? We’ve been doing this for years.

2) We are lean. There’s an old adage in the investment world, “Pigs get slaughtered.” The average price of compliant, smokeable CBD flower as of today, December 22, 2019 is between $250-$300/lb (and falling). A pound of flower yields roughly ~450 1 Gram Pre Rolls – That’s about $150 margin per pound. That’s just not enough margin for most wholesalers. But our overhead is lower, so we win.

For those of you that already have excellent bud, but don’t have excellent Pre Rolls – Our team is here for you too. Our Industrial Hemp Rolling Service is an easy and affordable way to get large quantities of vacuum-sealed, Total THC compliant Pre Rolls, fast. Our prices are the best in the USA.

3) We are Vertically integrated – Most Pre roll manufacturers aren’t also farmers. Plus our farm is remotely located, to keep costs low. Our competition isn’t growing, so they rely on external suppliers, and simply hope that nobody notices they are price gouging.

We’re engaged in the birth of the new American hemp industry – We want to make relationships that will last for life. We would much rather be YOUR long-term reliable supplier than worry about squeezing every last cent out of every single transaction. We already know that other wholesalers will join us in these prices eventually, as the market forces them to – And we welcome the competition!

And if after reading this you’re STILL skeptical, you can always request a free sample! Just email us at!

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Smoke

What makes a truly great smoke, and what sets it apart from smokes that are dry, flavorless, or harsh? Take a quick tour of what it takes to achieve a First Class smoke…

Great Flower

There is no shortage of flower on the market. But how that flower actually smokes depends on a variety of factors. Moisture content, density, bud maturity, pesticide use, fertilizer use, trim quality, and terpene profile are all factors that play into the final product. Ensure you’re sourcing great, pesticide free and well tended flower. Big bud has visual appeal, and can indicate well tended, mature flower. But if you’re on a budget – worry not, smalls and mids will smoke the exact same as the bigs.

The Perfect Grind

Grinding flower is an art that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It took us many thousands of pre rolls to develop our own specialty grinding methods and tools. You want the flower ground to a light and fluffy consistency – If its not ground enough, you’ll have poorly packed rolls. If it’s ground too much, you’ll have densely packed rolls that don’t hold a flame, and fall out the crutch. The trick is to get it just right.

Our Wagon Wheel CBD Flower, freshly ground and ready for packing.

Precision Packing

Consistently great packing is tough, and typically requires a good team and specific machinery. Iteration is key, and you must learn to identify subtle mistakes. Does your flower condense and leave pockets of air in the cone? That’s a sign it’s not well ground, or improperly shaken. Aesthetics matter too, and the way that your flag is folded (or twisted, gross) can impact the visual quality of the final product.

Storage and Humidity

Unless you want dry, harsh joints, you should store them in a properly seasoned humidor. Typically you want below 71 degrees Fahrenheit and between 65%-73% humidity. Too much humidity and you might ruin your rolls with mold or mildew. Too little and they will smoke too harsh.


While hipsters may scoff at the notion of presentation as an important part of an enjoyable experience, the rest of us know that there is a different feel to a well presented smoke. One must account for human preference, and many humans have an implicit bias toward beauty. 

Timing and Frequency

The final piece of the perfect smoke is not so much about the roll itself, as much as about the consumer. Some strains offer different experiences, depending on the individual. If they smoke frequently and have high cannabinoid tolerance, they may eschew even the dankest flower. Often, pairing a smoke with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine is a great experience.

If you enjoyed this read, and enjoy a good smoke – Make sure to check out our 1 Gram corked glass Wagon Wheel smokes – Pure excellence and class.
And if you’re in need of a special gift for the holiday season, our Santa’s Helper smokes are really the perfect stocking stuffer. You can also order our Plastic Tubed or Untubed varieties with special bulk discounts.

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USDA rules and Total THC Compliance

If you’re in the CBD or Hemp industry, you’ve likely heard or read about new regulations proposed by the US Department of Agriculture. These regulations will effectively make nationwide CBD requirements more restrictive, following a “Total THC” guideline, rather than the Delta-9 THC guidelines approved by Congress last year in the 2018 Farm Bill.

We believe these changes are bad policy, and will result in cause significant harm to farmers nationwide, which is why we made sure to leave a comment on the proposed rules. If you want to have your voice heard on these proposals, we recommend you leave a comment as well!

As fate would have it, we have been operating under Total THC regulations prior to this news, as we’re bound by the regulations of the Washington State Industrial Hemp Research Pilot, RCW 15.120.010.

These regulations are quite restrictive, but we’ve already navigated these waters, and as such we are one of the few Producer/Processors with compliant CBD flower.

Our products use Total THC compliant “Wagon Wheel” CBD flower

If you are a CBD retailer, distributor, or consumer, I recommend reaching out to get some of our Wagon Wheel hemp flower. Supplies are limited! You can check out the COA here, and reach us at to place an order or request a sample.


The OWHC Team