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Order with Cardano (ADA)

Order with Cardano

We’re very excited to announce that starting immediately, you can order all Old West Hemp Co products directly using Cardano. We’ve been following the evolution of cryptocurrency closely, and believe that Cardano is a First Class payment solution that embodies many values with which we are aligned. Cardano’s native currency (ADA) has low fees, and the blockchain’s settlement speed is outstanding. Environmentally, Cardano is a responsible choice as it uses 6 million times less energy than Proof of Work blockchains. For those reasons and more, we’re excited to add Cardano as our first accepted cryptocurrency.

A bit about us: We’re a small family farm based in rural WA – Since 2019 we’ve been state licensed hemp producers, and CBD product manufacturers. We grow with all natural methods – no pesticides or herbicides, and utilize living soil methods of growing. We have a full line of CBD tinctures, as well as topicals such as our Restorative Lotion and Therapeutic Salve (highly recommended for athletes). We also make the world’s best CBD prerolls, and tea blends! And we even make specially formulated tinctures for both Large pets and Small pets.

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All Old West Hemp products receive third party laboratory certification, and lab results can always be found on our website here. We ship within the United States via USPS and all products come with certified letter and lab results. All orders typically ship within 24 hours. If you’re a Cardano community member, do be sure to reach out on Twitter or Instagram and say hi!

Customers wishing to pay with ADA can do so by selecting the “NOWPayments” option during checkout. To celebrate our integration with the Cardano community, enjoy 10% off all orders when you use the coupon code “Cardano” on checkout! We plan to keep this coupon code active, so come on back for your CBD needs anytime!

If you’re a store owner and want to carry our products, we also offer wholesale pricing and are happy to keep your store well stocked, just reach out to

LEGAL: The FDA has not evaluated claims regarding any products sold through this website. Old West Hemp Co products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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