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Recycle Your Christmas Tree for Biochar!

Rather than send your Christmas tree to the dump this year, consider burning it instead! Why? You can use it as a supreme soil amendment – Biochar!

What is Biochar?

Biochar is basically burned, or charred organic material. Plants need light + three things to thrive – Nutrients, water, and micro organisms. Biochar is excellent for absorbing nutrients from the soil, thus making it more bioavailable for your plants. Biochar also does a great job of capturing moisture, and creates a perfect environment, a “luxury condominium” for micro organisms. This translates to richer soil and greater crop yields.

Humans have been using biochar for millennia, though the practice has fallen out of favor with the advent of industrial farming. It is thought that ancient Amazonian civilizations used a form of biochar, “Terra Preta” as the foundation of vast agricultural operations.

When burning for biochar, the goal isn’t to reduce the material to total ash, but simply to bake it to a nice crispy black charcoal. Ideally that char is then ground up to increase it’s surface area, and then seasoned – much the same as you might season a compost pile. Seasoned biochar teems with all the best sorts of life you’ll need to grow great plants!

At Old West Hemp, we’re actively building soil using Biochar, grass-fed cow manure, worm castings, and other natural soil ingredients. This is a perfect complement to our pesticide-free field, and a truly ideal growing environment for our all natural Hemp flower. And as the holiday season winds up, we’ll be chopping up and burning our Christmas tree to add to our ever growing Biochar pile!

Note: Before you start a burn, make sure to contact your local fire department to make sure no burn bans are in effect, and be careful to burn in an open area, on a day with little to no wind!

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